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We present you a place where you can bury everything. Starting from people that you want to remember forever, to thoughts that you want to forget or that just died during your life.

Initially, we present basic functionality of every type of burial where you can put basic information about the grave, in the near future we will present you new features.

We're hoping that you will like our service and will support us by sending feedback, suggestions or smth else. We invite you to survey or register and start eternity.

It's not another social network.

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Sand castle

2008 - 2013

It is gone.

It is like it is

2012 - 2015


1965 - 2014

„Žuvėdra“ – Klaipėdos universiteto Lotynų Amerikos sportinių šokių kolektyvas - Europos ir Pasaulio čempionai. Vadovai Ona Skaistutė Id...

How deep it is

2011 - 2015

When you dive so deep and do not feel the bottom, you still wonder how deep you could go. The moment of wondering is toxic. You feel sweetness of pois...

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As the flowers are all made sweeter by
the sunshine and the dew, so this old
world is made brighter by the lives
of folks like you.


Who has said that the Earth is now dead?
No! For a time she quieted down.


Do not stand at my grave and weep.